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Adaptation of technical parameters

Different countries use different measurement systems. Convert kilograms to pounds and centimeters to inches

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Absolutely any subjects and types of translation. Urgent translation. Adaptation of text materials.

Technical translation is one of the most responsible types of translation

The translation of technical documentation allows specialists from all over the world to communicate with each other, exchange experience and reach the heights of creativity that can only be created on the basis of a professional mutually beneficial international exchange of experience.

The main features of the technical style are its informativeness, logicality, accuracy and objectivity, and the clarity and comprehensibility arising from these features.

Not every translator is able to undertake technical translation. Translation of technical documentation is best left to technical translators. Our experience shows that not even every technical translator can “tackle” every technical text.

High-quality technical translation implies knowledge of a certain profession (translator with an engineering degree) or close cooperation of a translator with an expert in a certain field.

With our manager, you can discuss any nuances of the translation in a relaxed atmosphere and clarify the terms and conditions of your order.

All technical translations are notarized by our agency “AAT” upon your request.

Specific types of technical translations we perform

  • terms of reference
  • technical data sheets
  • documentation of scientific developments.
  • translation of instructions
  • translation of patents
  • translation of technical reports and articles
  • translation of technical manuals and specifications
  • translation of user instructions
  • assembly instructions translation
  • translation of declarations of conformity
  • translation of technical sheets
  • translation of guarantee sheets
  • translation of technical catalogs and brochures
  • translation of technical drawings and components
  • translation of construction documentation
  • technical documents
  • technical passports
  • scientific literature
  • technical texts
  • instructions and catalogs

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