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Certificates, patents and powers of attorney

We clearly follow the accepted forms of the document and the legislation of the country where the documents will be used

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Notarized translation

We will not only translate your documents, but also notarize them to give them legal force.

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Judicial translation

We will provide oral and written translation support for judicial proceedings and directly at hearings

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Absolutely any subjects and types of translation. Urgent translation. Adaptation of text materials.

From contracts and agreements to legislative acts and court translations

We provide legal translation services has been designed to help companies conduct their business in international markets, and includes the translation and legalization of all types of legal documents, as well as certified translations.

The translation of legal documents differs significantly from the translation of literary, scientific or technical texts, therefore the translation, proofreading and proofreading of these documents requires special attention of specialists with the necessary language skills and legal experience.

In legal translation, it is necessary that the vocabulary is precise and clear and, in addition, there are no ambiguities in it. Translation of legal documents is a responsible job, such translation should be entrusted to AAT, a professional provider of translation services.

Specific types of legal translations we perform

  • translation of laws and regulations and their drafts
  • translation of legal opinions and memorandums
  • translation of apostilles and notarial certificates
  • translation of constituent documents of legal entities
  • translation of contracts and powers of attorney
  • translation of wills
  • translation of statutes
  • translation of corporate documents (constituent, commercial and registration)
  • translation of judgments
  • translation of tender offers and applications
  • translation of certificates
  • translation of test reports
  • translation of references and certificates
  • translation of statements of claim
  • translation of contract documentation (agreements, agreements, amendments, applications).

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